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    Robotics Robot following track
    Youth learning to solder computer chip


    Utah 4-H STEM activities and curriculum introduce youth to science, technology, engineering and math in an engaging, hands-on learning environment. Find out more about STEM 4-H programs on the National 4-H website.

    Robotics & R.O.V.s

    4-H Robotics provides hands on experience for youth in robot design, programming, and building using Lego MindStorms Robotics Kits and RoboLab software. Click here to learn more!

    4-H MAKER

    Utah 4-H MAKER clubs & camps provide youth with the tools they need to explore their world creatively. The MAKER movement encourages inventive thought in a variety of subjects including sewing, coding, cooking and 3-D printing. Click here for more information about The Maker Movement! Also, check with your County Extension Office for details on Maker Camps & Clubs in your area!

    The Utah 4-H GPS programs range from simple Geocaching (using GPS receivers to look for hidden treasure boxes all around the world) to more advanced community mapping projects. 4-H Youth and Leaders learn to use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to collect spatial data, plot results on detailed maps, and provide useful resources to their communities.


    Free GPS Software

    GIS is a system that stores, captures, manages, analyzes, and manipulates different layers of geographical data to form a map. Citizenship and community service have always been an important part of the 4-H program, using GIS to create community maps is a new way for youth to become involved in their communities.



    For information about STEM programs and events in your area contact your County Extension Office.