4-H Scholarships

    4-H Scholarships

     Utah 4-H offers a variety of scholarships to 4-H members to help offset the cost of attending Utah State University.

    The amount and number of scholarships depends on the availability of funds and the status of the applicant pool. 

    Utah State University 4-H Scholarship Information

    Application Requirements

    • Online Submission through https://usu.awardspring.com/
    • Cover Letter- Please upload this cover letter (1 page maximum) as a separate, single PDF file. 
      • Cover letter should include additional information that is not reflected in your 4-H Portfolio or academic records. It should describe in detail how 4-H has influenced your life. Give significant detail of personal growth and development through your 4-H project work, 4-H leadership, and 4-H community service. Show such things as how 4-H has affected your self-image, your school success, your career choices, your friends, your goals, your abilities, etc. Explain why you are deserving of a scholarship.
    • Portfolio- Portfolios should be uploaded as one PDF file. Applicants are welcome to upload their entire portfolio, however, ONLY the following sections will be considered. Please note that ONLY the portfolio information from the TWO previously completed 4-H years will be judged and evaluated.
      • Project Identification
        • Size & Scope
        • Knowledge Learned
        • Skills Developed
      • 4-H Experiences & Activities
        • Date, Description & Level
      • 4-H Leadership
        • Date, Leadership Role, Responsibilities, Type Level
      • 4-H Community Service
        • Date, Description of Community Service, Level, Hours
    • FASFA - Students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid before seeking scholarships as several scholarships are based on financial eligibility. More than half of Utah 4-H scholarships are considered “needs based” and students must submit their “Expected Family Contribution” from FAFSA when completing the scholarship application in order to be considered for "needs based" scholarships.

      For more information about Financial Aid, click here: https://www.usu.edu/financialaid/

    How to Apply 

    Online Application Link: https://usu.awardspring.com/
    Application opens in December | Closes in January 

    Application tutorial video: Click Here

    Entering your application information online will also grant you general scholarship eligibility, providing many more chances to receive a scholarship.

    It is best to have an A-number before starting, if you don’t already have one, there are instructions about how to start without one on the information page.

     * Please Note: You must be a Utah Resident to Apply 


    In order to comply with Utah State University scholarship standards, Utah 4-H will allow students who have been fully accepted and enrolled into the University to defer their 4-H scholarship. Students must present a letter to the State 4-H Office explaining their reason for deferral and giving an approximate date of return along with a copy of the official letter of deferment from the Admissions Office. All who do not follow these guidelines when deferring will forfeit their award.

    Utah State 4-H Scholarship Descriptions