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    Resumes: The resume should represent a cumulative summary of the 4-H members background, skills, and

    accomplishments. The 4-H member should summarize their 4-H experience by highlighting their project involvement, activities, awards/recognitions, leadership experiences, and community service. Each year, applicants will need to update their information, maintaining the most pertinent information over time. Content should be clearly identified as 4-H or non-4-H; style of resume and formatting are at the discretion of the applicant. Applicants should include contact information, county, school grade, and year in 4-H. Maximum 2 pages.  


    Cover Letters: The cover letter should be a narrative to accompany the resume. When applying for different 4-H contests, leadership roles, etc., the cover letter should be tailored to the requirements of the application. Each application must have the outlined responsibilities posted. Rubrics should be tailored to specific responsiblities/objectives. Maximum 1 page. Click here to view the Cover Letter Objectives.

    4-H Portfolios are the Standard Application Tool for:
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    In case you missed it! April 2020 4-H Portfolio Zoom 
    Portfolio Guide Book: Portfolio Guide BookPortfolio Guide Cover
    Portfolio Judging Rubric

    **Please refer to the 4-H Portfolio Guide Book for appropriate Ages & Stages while judging.

    Sample 4-H Resumes

    Livestock Resume Example 

    Livestock & Animal Resume Example 

    FCS Resume Example 

    STEM Resume Example

    Sample 4-H Cover Letter

    Sample Cover Letter 1

    **Be sure to design your resume & cover letter to reflect your strengths and application, these are only examples NOT templates.  

    Record Keeping: Portfolio Project Sheets - PDF, Word & Google Docs

    Please use these project sheets as a resource for record keeping.  Project sheets are not required in most State  4-H Applications. Some Livestock shows have opted to require a project sheet in addition to the 4-H Portfolio. Check with your county and contests to see if they require project sheets.

    Word Format

    PDF Format

    Google Docs Format



    State 4-H Portfolio Contest:

    The State 4-H Portfolio Contest is the only time of year to receive feedback about your 4-H resume and cover letter on a state level. The 4-H Portfolio is the standard application tool for all 4-H leadership positions and a valuable resource as you seek employment. Competing in the State 4-H Portfolio Contest will give you a competitive advantage as you apply for other opportunities. Blue, red, and white ribbons will be awarded based on your scores. 4-H members of all ages are encouraged to submit their 4-H Portfolio. Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2020. 

    Cover Letter Objectives: 

    - What personal growth have you experienced this year?

    - What does 4-H mean to you?

    - What goals do you have based on your 4-H experience?

    - How has 4-H prepared you for the future?