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    Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workforce, and the necessity of post-secondary education is well documented. (Utah State Board of Education, 2018) More youth than ever are graduating high school and enrolling in postsecondary education. Research shows these youth are credentialed on paper, but lack the critical skills to succeed in their careers. This is America’s very real, and very critical, career readiness gap – resulting in only one in five college students saying they feel "very prepared" to join the workforce (National 4-H, 2015). Entering the workforce with soft skills and technical understandings of subjects related to personal interests is key to creating the job satisfaction and retention employers are seeking.

    4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. 4-H is proven to develop those critical skills needed in today’s workplace by allowing youth to explore, learn, practice, and experience new opportunities found inherently in youth project areas. (Lerner & Lerner, 2011)

    Below are research-based resources to help you as a youth leader, 4-H volunteer, or 4-H coordinator to intentionally infuse College and Career Readiness Programming into 4-H programs in your community. These resources are sorted by the stages of the 4-H Career Pathway, then by 4-H age. Please feel free to explore these resources and contact us with any questions!



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