Teens Reaching Youth

    Teens Reaching Youth

    Teens Reaching Youth

    The TRY program is a leadership program sponsored by Utah 4-H. The program is open to all Utah teens, grades 8-12. TRY teams consist of 2-4 youth and 1 adult leader. Teens involved in TRY will participate in exciting new projects, mentor children, build their portfolio, and have a blast!

    TRY Impact

    TRY incorporates the three 4-H Mission Mandates Science, Healthy Living and Service. Our focus is to encourage healthy lifestyles in both teens and the children they mentor.


    What can TRY do for you?

    • Improve your resume
    • Gain teaching experience
    • Make friends
    • Awards & recognition
    • Mentor and connect with youth


    TRY Team Requirements

    Each team committees to teach at least 6 hours of instruction to at least 15 youth during the year. Hours can be met all at once in a day camp or a few hours per week. The club will determine the best fit for them and their project area.

     For information on TRY programs in your area contact your County Extension Office.