Become a 4-H State Ambassador

    Become a 4-H State Ambassador

    4-H Ambassadors on USU Campus in Green blaziers
    2015 and 2016 Ambassadors showing off red and green socks
    2014-2015 Ambassadors gathered on USU Campus


    2020 Ambassador Handbook

    Ambassador Application

    Confidential Letter of Recommendation


    Ambassador Interview Resources

    Interview: Judging Sheet

    Icebreaker/Leadership Workshop: Judging Sheet

    Prepared Speech: Judging Sheet - Video 1 -Video 2

    Impromptu: Judging Sheet - Video

    Illustrated Talk: Judging Sheet - Video 1 - Video 2



    State Ambassador County Project

    Each State Ambassador application must include a project proposal from the applicant detailing a county project approved by the County Extension staff. This will be a three (3) month project conducted by and through the leadership of the Ambassador applicant.

    This project must fit into one of the following categories:

    • Public relations and awareness
    • Fundraising
    • County teen development
    • County recruitment

    Selected Ambassador finalists will be notified. Documentation of this project will be required during the interview. Interview instructions will be sent to all State Ambassador finalists.

    3 Month Project Report Resources

    Your 3 Month Project report will be captured in the new 4-H Portolio format. Please highlight your 3 Mounth Project in your cover letter.

    Submitted for interview selection:

    •  2 page 4-H resume & 1 page cover letter (cover letter is all about their 3 month project)

    Cover letter 4 should contain the following:

    • Assessment: Explain what process did you used to select your 3 month project (such as needs assessment, identified problem etc)
    • Plan:  Explain the planning process needed to make your 3 month project happen
    • Implementation:  Explain what  unfolded in your 3 month project, successes/failures and changes along the way
    • Evaluation:  What did you learn along the way and what impact did your project  have on 4-H and you personally