Chickens grazing
    Baby chicks
    Chicken at the fair


    The Utah 4-H Poultry Program provides project areas in vast ranges for 4-H Youth located in both urban and rural settings. This program is for youth in grades 3-12, but not younger than 8. Utah 4-H provides poultry opportunities with Turkey, Broiler, and Layer programs. These programs are for youth who own/have access to poultry and those who do not, but still want to learn about the science of poultry, how to care for them and poultry management. Poultry projects motivate youth to explore, learn responsibility and enjoy challenges.

    Utah Jr. Turkey Show


    November 8-10, 2018
    Bothwell, Utah

    Send forms to:

    Utah Junior Turkey Show
    c/o Donna Andrews
    Box Elder County Extension Office
    01 South Main
    Brigham City, UT 84302

    • Questions - Contact Josh Dallin josh.dallin@usu.edu


    Broiler Chickens

    A Broiler project exposes youth to the realm of poultry science. This 10 week project is ideal for youth in both urban and rural settings.

    Please Note: There will NOT be a Broiler Show held in 2017.

    However, if you are still interested in ordering broilers or layers from Dunlap Hatchery please download the following forms and follow the instructions on them. 


    Layer Hen with eggs

    Backyard chicken projects often involve Layers. These are multiple breeds of chickens that produce farm fresh eggs.

    To take your Laying Hens to the next level here are some resources that can help: