Meat Rabbits

    Meat Rabbits

    rabbitsThe Utah 4-H Meat Rabbit Program is a great livestock project for both urban and rual settings. This program is for youth in grades 3-12, but not younger than 8. Youth who have access to or own their own rabbits, as well as those who do not, are invited to learn the science of rabbits, how to care for meat rabbits, and management. Meat rabbit projects motivate youth to explore, learn responsibility and enjoy challenges.To find information about various rabbit clubs in your area, or to start your own club, contact your County Extension Office.  



    Meat Rabbits at the State Fair

    September 10th, 2020

    1. Youth exhibitors shall have ownership of rabbit entries for a minimum of 30 days prior to the day of the show. County extension staff or FFA advisors will be responsible for verifying ownership.
    2. All rabbits exhibited must be tattooed in the left ear prior to the fair. The tattoo needs to be permanent. Permanent marker will not be accepted.
    3. Rabbits do not need to be pedigreed, but should be of commercial meat rabbit type.
    4. All colors and meat rabbit breeds are accepted.
    5. A 4-H member may enter and show a maximum of 6 entries with 2 entries per class.
    6. Cages will be provided and assigned to exhibitors by the Rabbit Committee.
    7. Exhibitors must furnish their own feeding and watering equipment that will remain with the rabbits for the duration of the show. Cages may not be used for storage of supplies- designated storage is provided.
    8. Rabbits that are exhibited at fair are still the property of the owner and are not to be handled by anyone other than the owner at any time, with the provision that project committee members & superintendent may check, handle or move rabbits for the safety of the animals. Locks are permitted, please contact committee.
    9. Youth exhibitors are responsible for bringing their rabbits to and from the judging table (no adults) when the class is called. Members will stay until dismissed, and return rabbit to cage. If rabbit is not on the judging table at the time class is judged, rabbit will not be judged. If needed, another youth rabbit exhibitor may assist in bringing rabbits to the table.  

    Trio of rabbits

    Meat Rabbit Classes 

    Rabbits cannot be entered in more than 1 class. (ie: an animal from meat pen cannot be shown as a single fryer)

    Meat rabbits will be weighed at time of entry.

    • Meat Pen - 3 animals of the same breed and variety(color), any sex, weighing between 3.5 to 5.5 pounds each and not over 12 weeks old
      • Meat pens are judged on the uniformity of body and weight of the three animals, the meat type, condition of flesh, and fur
      • It is recommended, but not required, that meat pens be raised by the youth exhibitor. It is very difficult to buy three animals and have them match as needed by the time of the show.
    • Single Fryer - 1 animal, any sex, weighing between 3.5 to 5.5 pounds– not over 12 weeks old
      • Single Fryers are judged on meat type, condition of flesh, and fur
    • Single Roaster  - 1 animal, any sex, weighing 5.5 to 8 pounds, over 12 weeks, and less than six months old (not eligible for the auction)
      • Single Roasters are judged on meat type, condition of flesh, and fur

    Only blue ribbon entries will be eligible for the auction.

    Eligible rabbits may be sold to the floor buyer and will be released at 10 p.m. Friday, September 10th. The show committee will release floor prices prior to the show and exhibitors will need to submit a sale declaration.  

     ***Any rules that are not abided by will result with ineligibility to show any rabbit.***