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    The Utah 4-H Western Horse Program focuses on teaching youth to work with a project horse throughout the year, and be tested on their equine knowledge. The youth are given the opportunity to show their horses in multiple western disciplines including western horsemanship, showmanship at halter, western pleasure, trail, western riding, and reining. The shows also offer three speed events that may include barrel racing, pole bending, key hole, gymkhana, scurry, and quadrangle. The Western horse program is one of the largest project areas within Utah 4-H. 


    4-H Horse Show random question test generator. This generator allows you to select specific areas or page ranges. Test questions will allow "USU Extension Agent Access only" so work with your local USU Extension Agent if you need a test generated.
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    2017 Horse Show Results

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    2009 2-Handed Western State Results (Jr., Int., Sr.)

    2009 Individual Western State Results (Jr., Int., Sr.)

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    2008 Individual Western State Results

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