Youth Mustang Challenge

    Youth Mustang Challenge

    Youth kissing mustang on nose. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    4-H youth leading mustang over water barrels. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    Youth lifting foot of mustang. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    Utah 4-H and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to offer youth an educational and fundraising opportunity for Utah 4-H Horse Clubs. The purpose of this program is to increase the adoption of Mustangs to good homes and promote positive youth development. 4-H members will be working with yearling mustangs to gentle and train (halter break) them throughout the summer. In September, an Adoption Auction will be held to showcase their mustangs and give them the chance of a good forever home. 

    2018 Mustang Challenge

    September 8 - Mustang Challenge & Adoption Auction - Utah State Fairpark

    Progam Guidelines & Forms

    2017 Champion and Reserve Champion

    Diesel: Champion

    Mustang Champion Diesel and Kayla

    Diesel is such a loving, gentle soul who is eager to please his partner. Diesel enjoys long walks in the mountains and frequent grooming sessions accompanied by sweet tender words telling him how handsome he is. Daily human interaction and kindness is required if you are considering adopting my Diesel, he will likely be waiting for you at the gate. Diesel is a very quiet, laid back young stud, or partial stud we haven’t told him yet, who is not too concerned about the world around him. Diesel is not only incredibly good looking, but smart too. He learns very quickly and gives his all to make you happy. Diesel leads and excels at transitions, pivots like a pro, loads, ties, pick up his feet, saddles, line drives, can bow and lay down. Diesel is very special to me so if you are planning to adopt him you are promising me you will always treat him with kindness and give him the life he deserves.

    -Diesel was trained by the Kayla Christensen of the Wasatch Wranglers 4-H Club, Davis County


    Maggie: Reserve Champion

    Mustang Reserve Champion Maggie with Sarah

    Maggie is such a great horse to work with. She is so wonderful and I will have a large hole in my heart when she leaves. Lately she has been gaining confidence outside of the arena and in the real world. Soon she will be going to our county fair and competing in the halter class and the in-hand trail. She has been around lots of horses, dogs, cows, longhorns, four-wheelers, cars, and people. She has been saddled, polo wrapped, and had a bit placed in her mouth. She is super smart, a fast learner, and very easy to get along with.

    -Maggie was trained by Sarah Phillips of the Avon/Paradise 4-H Club, Cache County