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    Triple Crown Horse Classic Events

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    What is the Triple Crown?

    Have you heard of the Kentucky Derby? The King of all Thoroughbred Races? The Triple Crown is a prestigious award given to a three-year-old Thoroughbred who not only wins the Kentucky Derby, but goes on to win a triplet of prestigious races. The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and finally the Belmont Stakes. This is so difficult that only 13 horses have ever achieved such an honor, including the spectacular colt, Justify, in 2018!

    The purpose of the Triple Crown Series is to increase opportunities for youth to participate in horseless horse events and develop a sense of belonging and mastery.  

    Join us for a Triplet of Horse Classic Contests!

    The Horse Classic series are open to 4-H youth grades 3-12.

    The Utah 4-H Horse Classic Series, or Triple Crown, is an opportunity for youth to demonstrate mastery in several horse related events. Youth can try to earn the "Triple Crown" or simply the "High Point" award. Details below!

     Join us for the 2019 Horse Classic Contests!

    • June 22, 2019 | Southern Region Horse Classic (The Kentucky Derby) Fillmore, UT
    • July 15 - 16, 2019 | State Contests Horse Classics (The Preakness) – Logan, UT 
    • September 6 – 7 | State Fair Horse Classics (The Belmont Stakes) – Salt Lake, UT 

    4-H Horse Classic Event Information

    • Contests Available 
    • All contests follow the National Contest Rules. Find the rules here
      • Team Contests
        • Horse Bowl 
      • Team OR Individual Contests
        • Hippology - enter as team or individual
        • Horse Judging
        • Horse Demonstrations
      • Individual Contests
        • Horse Public Speaking

    Triple Crown & High Point Individual Information 

    Youth participants can compete for two seperate events. The Triple Crown is availble to senior aged youth only, and is a prestigious award given to a youth that wins their event at all three Horse Classic events! The High Point Award is given to the participant with the highest culminated points over the three events, and is awarded to the junior, intermediate, and senior with the most points. Details on scoring and rules are below.

    These events are scored individually. Even if youth particpate as a team, only their individual scores will be counted towards these awards.


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