Junior Master Gardeners

    Junior Master Gardener & Youth Gardening

    4-H Youth holding green beans in a garden
    4-H youth gardening.
    4-H youth in the classroom learning about gardening.

    Junior Master Gardener & Youth Gardening

    The Junior Master Gardener (JMG) program provides a hands-on approach to learning horticulture, environmental science, leadership and life skills. Want to learn more about the national JMG program? Click Here

    • Identify a leader or teacher.
      • This can be a teacher, parent, youth leader or anyone interested in gardening and working with youth.
    • Identify a Youth Group.
      • This can be a classroom, school group, 4-H club or afterschool program. A JMG group requires a minimum of 5 youth members.

    Questions? Contact Dave Francis via email dave.francis@usu.edu or call 435-760-4109.

    To find out more about JMG in your area contact your County Extension Office.