4-H Youth leading a dog up a teeter totter
    4-H youth and volunteer at a Vet clinic
    4-H youth showing their dogs

     The 4-H dog program creates more then obedient dogs, it builds youth. While 4-H members learn to better control and train their dog, they are also building self confidence, independence, and mastery. Opportunities within the 4-H Dog Program include Obedience, Showmanship, Rally-Obedience, and Agility! Contact your local county Extension office to find dog clubs in your area! 


    We are going virtual!

    Registration is open until June 24th at midnight!

    • Register at under the event 2020 State Virtual Dog/Pet Show
    • When you register, you will need to know your exhibitor division and dog classification (links below).
    • Registration is $10 per dog (up to three dogs) and $10 per pet (up to three pets from different categories). 


    Exhibitor Packet

    Exhibitor Division and Dog Classification

    Pet Advocate Project - Pet Show Info

    Pet Advocate Information

    Rules & Guidelines

    Utah 4-H Guidebook: includes all the rules for each event

    2018 Dog Fair Study Guide

    Youth Division & Dog Classification

    • Youth Division: for some of the dog events, youth handlers and their dogs will be divided by skill and experience rather than age. To figure out what division best suits the exhibitor, review the Exhibitor Division Fact Sheet. If you are unsure what division is best, err on the side of caution and go down a division.
    • Dog Classification: There are three dog classifications for exhibitors to participate in.
      • Standard: Dogs 12 months and older
      • Puppy: Dogs 7 months to 12 months (puppies younger than 7 months at the time of the show will not be allowed on the grounds)
      • Aged/Modified: Dogs typically older than 7 years that need modified show conditions to account for age, endurance, etc. or dogs that have injuries or other conditions that need modified show conditions.

    Keep in mind, dogs that participate in the Aged classification will not be permitted to compete as a Standard dog. The show committee reserves the right to recommend dogs be moved to a different division prior to the start of the show.

    Exhibitors will either participate as a Novice or an Open youth in the puppy and aged classifications (assigned by the show committee). Exhibitors can bring one dog per classification. For more information on Dog Classification, review the Dog Classification fact sheet.


    Utah 4-H Rank Advancement Book


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