Become a 4-H Volunteer

    4-H Volunteers at Teen Leadership Training
    4-H Volunteer
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    Become a Volunteer

    You can become a club leader of an existing 4-H club or start your own! Starting your own 4-H club is easier than ever with Discover 4-H Club Curriculum Guides! Contact your County Extension Office for more information.

    1. Enroll with 4-H Online

    4-H volunteers are required to enroll through 4-H Online. Contact 4-H Online Support at 435-797-3761 for registration help and questions.

    2. Complete 4-H New Leader Orientation 

    Access the lessons to become a 4-H volunteer. 

    3. Have fun & get involved

    Share your expertise and learn alongside your members. Help your club prepare for and get involved in events that give them a chance to share what they've learned or created like the County and State Fairs! Watch for County, Region and State events, camps, workshops etc. for your club to enjoy!