Become a 4-H Member

    4-H youth at i4-H camp
    Girl with horse in English riding attire
    4-H youth at Utah Captiol building


    1. Find a club or create one

    You can join an existing club in your area or create one! Starting your own 4-H club is easier than ever with Discover 4-H Club Curriculum Guides! Pick something that interests you, find an adult willing to be your Volunteer leader and start learning! Contact your County Extension Office for more information.

    2. Enroll with 4-H Online

    4-H members are required to enroll through 4-H Online. Contact your County Extension Office for registration help and questions.

    3. Have fun & get involved

    Each club provides leadership opportunities for members. As you complete projects in your chosen area you will also learn how to be an effective leader! As a 4-H member you can participate in events that let you showcase what you have learned or created like the County and State Fairs! Also, watch for events and camps offered by the County, Region and State 4-H Office.