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    Resource Materials

    Loom Christmas Stockings
    Loom Knitting
    Machine Applique Techniques
    Machine Quilting
    Make Your Own Knitting Needles
    Millionaire Guide Complete - Finance for Youth 11-14
    Mitered Corner Blanket
    Mitered Corner Blanket and Nursing Cover
    Money Cents
    Monthly 4-H Sewing Club
    Monthly Credit Card Payment - Calculator
    Monthly Credit Card Payment - Worksheet
    Needle Craft and Stitchery
    Online Sources for Sewing
    Patchwork Pouch
    Payment Length - Calculator
    Personal Financial Statement 1
    Personal Financial Statement 2
    Piggy Bank Overhead
    Pin Cushion
    Pioneer Bonnet
    Plastic Bag Crochet
    Plastic Bag Crochet: Market Bag
    Quilt Top for Dummies Part 2
    Race to Make a Buck
    Re-Done Denim
    Road to Wealth
    The Salsa Apron
    Savings - End Amount Calculator
    Sewing Difficult Fabrics
    Sewing Skills by Category
    Single Crochet Double Hotpad
    Stamping on Velvet
    Straight Grain Quilt Borders
    Street Art
    Student Budget and Tracking Sheet Challenge
    Student Evaluation
    T-Shirt Quilts
    Teaching Children Money Management
    Teaching Knitting and Crochet
    Understanding and Using Credit
    Youth Elastic Waist Skirt

    King of the Jungle
    Lap Sit
    Life Saver Game

    Line Up Self Esteem
    Line Yourselves Up
    Listening Exercise
    Lost Shoes
    Meeting Your Neighbor
    Name Association
    Name Balloon Pop Race
    Name Scramble
    Name Tag Grab
    Name Tags
    Name Toss
    Our Group is a House
    Our Hands are Tied Shoe Tag
    Pairing Up
    Paper Bag Play
    Passing the Buck
    Penny Pondering
    Person Alliteration
    Person to Person
    Personal Scavenger Hunt
    Picking up a Coin
    Picture Game 
    Pig Island Relay or Island Paradise
    Pin Your Partner
    Quarter-Slammers and Creepers
    Quick Change
    Relay Races
    Roll Playing
    Rope Knot Race
    Scavenger Hunt
    Scavenger Hunts
    Secret Agent
    Sewing A Pillow
    Sewing Up the Gap
    Shooting Sports
    Shooting Sports T or F
    Singing Name Game
    Sneak a Peak and Build
    Spin the Ball
    Steal the Bacon
    Stepping Stones
    Straight Jacket
    Straw Raft
    Suit Up
    Swiss Relay
    That's My Name
    The Walking Chair
    Toilet Paper
    Trade Ya Candy
    Traffic Jam
    True Identity
    Trust Tag
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Undercover Leader
    Walking Straight
    Warp Speed
    Water Coin Drop
    What Do You Collect?
    What Part Am I?
    Who's the Guest?
    Zip, Zap, Zoop