Youth Mustang Challenge

    Youth Mustang Challenge

    Youth leading a mustang over a barrel. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    4-H youth guiding Mustang to kneel. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    Youth lifting foot of mustang. Photo credit: Dirk Johnson Photography
    Utah 4-H and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to offer youth an educational and fundraising opportunity for Utah 4-H Horse Clubs. The purpose of this program is to increase the adoption of Mustangs to good homes and promote positive youth development. 4-H members will be working with yearling mustangs to gentle and train (halter break) them throughout the summer. In September, an Adoption Auction will be held to showcase their mustangs and give them the chance of a good forever home. 

    2017 Youth Mustang Trail Challenge & Adoption Auction 

    September 9 at the Utah State Fairpark Arena

    300 N 1200 W Salt Lake City, Utah

    9:30-2:30: In-Hand Trail & Freestyle Competition
    2:30-4:00: Adoption Auction

    This is a unique opportunity to adopt a mustang that has been started correctly and is ready to go in any direction. There are 15 yearlings from Cedar Mountain HMA available this year. Utah 4-H youth have worked hard to present a group of horses who are prepared to be adopted into any discipline and welcoming home.

    "This experience has taught our 4-H club a whole new level of skills and understanding of horses."
    ~Wasatch Wrangler 4-H Club

    2016 Champion and Reserve Champion

    Finn: Champion

    Mustang Finn

    From day one this colt was easy to work with and very smart. Finn learns very quickly and tries hard. He is very friendly and loves all the attention he can get, but is still respectful. He is easy to handle, trustworthy, and doesn’t spook easily. He has a curious nature and loves to explore new things.  He has a lot of potential and can go in any direction. He leads, ties, loads into a trailer, picks up all 4 feet, has had a bit in his mouth, saddles, bathes, bows, can be laid down, and has been ground driven. This colt has been exposed to dogs, cats, other horses, cows, and a burrow. He’s been ponied by a horse, a 4-wheeler, and frequently hauled. 

    -Finn was trained by the Avon/Paradise 4-H Club, Cache County


    Missy: Reserve Champion

    Mustang Annie in arena with 4-H youth

    Missy has a beautiful, calm look in her eyes. She is trustworthy and loyal, affectionate, and curious. Missy has always been curious and willing to try anything put in her path. She loves to play in water. and splashes her feet and her nose in her water bucket all day long! She loves to be scratched behind her ears and her affectionate nature has made it easy to love her from day one. We have loved watching Missy learn and grow and know that she will be an amazing companion.

    -Missy was trained by the Wasatch Wranglers 4-H Club from Davis County