The greatness of 4-H is found within the power that volunteers and parents have to change the lives of youth. 4-H volunteer leaders and parents work with and support youth in their development of various skills, enabling them to reach their fullest potential and lead productive lives.  In this video clip  a 4-H'er describes the impact of a Volunteer on her life.  We recently heard from a volunteer describe her volunteering like this, "I'm finding that the 4-H philosophies go hand in hand with my own, and I wish I'd started this years ago.  Thank you!"
 Your child needs your encouragement to get them started in 4-H and to keep them involved in the program through their teen years. You can help if you:
  • Share: Take interest, look, listen and offer suggestions, but avoid the temptation to “take over” and do things yourself.
  • Prepare: Help your child value having their projects, duties, and presentations done right and on time.
  • Be There: Parents are part of 4-H, too. You are welcome and very needed. Lend a hand where you can. Volunteer!
  • Care: Support your child’s participation and abide by the policies set by the 4-H Youth Development Program.
4-H has been mentoring Utah’s youth for almost 100 years, and not only does Utah 4-H offer children a place to create, learn and have fun, but they provide communities with valuable resources to help protect family values. One program we support and encourage Utah families to participate in, is the Utah Child Protection Registry. The Registry was created to give families a tool to stop adult product advertisements like alcohol and tobacco from reaching their children’s inboxes. Please take the time to learn about the Utah Child Protection Registry.

Parents can Volunteer!

Contact your local county office to find out what clubs and projects are going in your area. Let your county staff know what interests or areas of expertise you have to share with youth in your area. If you are interested in forming a club or becoming a Leader in  4-H, check out the New to 4-H Page.

Remember, no previous experience is necessary, just the desire to have fun and learn together as a club.


Online Volunteer Training

4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course - This resource is a wonderful set of interactive, online training modules that have been designed to help potential 4-H volunteers, new, current, and re-entering volunteers, and others who want to learn about 4-H.  Those who take advantage of this resource will gain a better understanding of the 4-H Youth Development Program and will be better prepared to work with youth.