How do I get involved?

How do I get involved?
The influence that you can have in the 4-H program is immeasurable. Supportive parents and volunteers who give of their time for youth are needed and much appreciated. 
We hope to provide all the support and encouragement that our Utah 4-H volunteers need to be successful in their service to the youth of our communities.  Within this page, you will find resources that are intended to specifically help you as volunteers. 

This is your page, so please let us know of the kinds of things you would like to see posted here. 

Here are the documents that you need to sign up as a volunteer and some ideas on how you can involve yourself with 4-H!

4-H Volunteer Registration is now available online!  Click here for step-by-step instructions.
Contact your County Extension Office for any additional requirements to complete your registration.

You also might try looking in our Resource Materials section of the 4-H Resource Library.

Reach Out
  • Contact your local county office to find out what existing 4-H clubs are active in your area.
  • Volunteer to help with special projects within your area of expertise.
  • If you see a particular need or interest in the community, contact local 4-H leaders or the state office about starting a club.
  • Support local children in the accomplishment of their 4-H events.
  • Donate time to help with fund raisers or seminars.