Video Clips

Video Clips          

Today, 4-H clubs and organizations are present in all 3,067 counties in the nation.  Check out these great videos that tell the amazing story of how it all began, see how 4-H has changed, and learn what it is like today!

All video files are .wmv format.  If you do not currently have video playback software on your computer, click here to download Windows Media Player  from

4-H: An Idea is Born    A brief history of the youth development movement of the early 1900's, its leaders, and the events that lead to the beginnings of the 4-H organization.

4-H in the News    ABC News explores the growth of 4-H over the last 100 years, its evolution and expansion into the 21st century, and how the program continues to meet the developmental needs of youth today.

4-H on PBS Spotlight    In a special news spotlight, PBS shows how 4-H makes learning an experience-- hands on, youth teaching youth-- from rural to urban communities.

National Conversation    See what the National Conversation on Youth Development is saying about the "Power of  Youth."
4-H was featured on the Today Show. Dr. Richard Lerner of Tufts University was interviewed by Meredith Viera about the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development. Here is a link to a digital file of the segment.
New video clip promoting 4-H Science.