Marketing & Promotions

Marketing and Promotions

We are pleased to present you with these resources that will help you promote 4-H clubs and activities in your area.  Please let us know if you have other graphics or published materials that you have found to be helpful in establishing positive relations in your county and community.

4-H Logos and Graphics - These graphics are perfect for creating club documents, promoting activities, and publishing your own 4-H stuff!
Photo Tour-  Take a look at a number of photos from past 4-H activities and events.
Video Clips-  Watch these great clips about the history of 4-H and the recognition that we are receiving across the nation from the media.
Grab Bag-  A fun mix of promotional items: bookmarks, business cards, brochures, fliers . . .

We have many helpful resources that can assist you in the pomoting your 4-H clubs and activities. You will also find helpful information that will guide you in the search for much needed funding and sustainability ideas.