4-H Resource Library


Utah 4-H Resource Library


Welcome to the Utah 4-H Resource Library!  Within this webpage you will find a wide array of resources available to help you with your 4-H activities, projects, programs, clubs and more.  We hope that you will catch a vision of the countless possibilities as you surf through these pages.  Watch for updates and new materials-- as we continue to get new and useful resources to help you, they will be added to our library. 

How to Search the Library

There are five sub-pages to the library that will help to refine your search:

  • 4-H Curriculum Catalog-  This section of the library is a catalog of all the curriculum resources that are available in Utah 4-H.  From this page you will be able to search the curriculum by project or by ES237 categories.
  • Kits for Checkout-  This section of the library is a list of all of the resource kits and educational materials that are available for checkout from the State Office. Persons must go through their County Extension Office to reserve the resources. Extension personnell will then contact the State 4-H Office by phone or e-mail for information about kit availability and checkout information.
  • Resource Materials-  This is a file database of documents, handouts, resources, and materials that have been created by people like you.  They can help enhance your 4-H activities.  Take a look at what we have stored away.  If you see something that you think would be useful, download it on to your computer.  If you have created or used something for an activity that you have found to be helpful, let us know so that we can add it to our library. 
  • Utah 4-H Portfolios-  This page will give you access to download all of the documents and forms related to portfolio projects.  When you are ready to download, you can choose from several different file types that work best with your computer.
    • Website Terminal -  This page is a terminal to many different resource websites that we have found to be useful in establishing, maintaining, and strengthening 4-H programs.  We hope that you will take advantage of the information and materials found within these sites.

If you have difficulty navigating through our new on-line library, questions, or comments, please contact Dave Francis at dave.francis@usu.edu