State Ambassadors / Teen Leadership

State Ambassadors / Teen Leadership

What is a State 4-H Ambassador?
A 4-H Ambassador is an official envoy, an authorized representative of our Utah 4-H program. A 4-H Ambassador is a self-motivated, enthusiastic leader who promotes 4-H using the skills, knowledge and leadership abilities acquired in 4-H with fellow members, area residents, community leaders, elected officials and non-4-H youth. A 4-H Ambassador serves to strengthen the 4-H program through public relations.

Ambassador Handbook

Ambassador Application

Confidential Letter of Recommendation 

Utah’s State 4-H Ambassador Program
Outstanding 4-Hers are chosen to represent Utah as State Ambassadors. Applications for State Ambassador are due every year on December 1st. State Ambassador applicants are requested periodically to send materials to update their file along with their Ambassador application. Your local county extension office will have updated applications and information on the State Ambassador program. Being a State Ambassador is an honor and privilege that only a few will receive. Being chosen as an Ambassador entails the acceptance of “great” responsibility and A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO THE UTAH STATE 4-H AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. We need people who are not afraid of people or work.

State 4-H Ambassador Purposes
  • Represent 4-H in public relations role
  • Promote 4-H with potential members, parents, and general public
  • Help conduct 4-H events
  • Organize 4-H promotion activities
  • Develop personal leadership skills and self confidence
  • Encourage financial support for 4-H
State 4-H Ambassador Duties
  • Attend Ambassador Orientation sessions
  • Serve as a 4-H representative to other organizations
  • Promote 4-H through media and speaking appearances
  • Serve as coordinator or MC for 4-H activities and events
  • Meet with 4-H supporters and potential donors
  • Recruit new members and help organize clubs
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Work directly with County and District Ambassadors
  • Attend teen retreats
State 4-H Ambassador Qualifications
  • A two-year 4-H member with experience as a Junior and/or Teen Leader
  • Age 16 to 19 — not in college
  • Active in local club
  • Enthusiastic about 4-H
  • HAVE TIME available to fulfill role of Ambassador
  • Responsible
  • Willing to attend Ambassador Orientations
  • Willing to serve in Ambassador roles when asked
  • Willing to travel
  • Have and maintain minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (B average) or above
  • Have parents and/or guardian support
  • Have County Extension staff support
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Capable and willing to get out of school on a limited basis for special programs
  • Previously selected State Ambassadors must reapply each year
State Ambassador County Project
Each State Ambassador application must include a project proposal from the applicant detailing a county project approved by the County Extension staff. This will be a three (3) month project conducted by and through the leadership of the Ambassador applicant.



3 Month Project Dividers


Section 1: Project Report Form

Section 2: 4-H Experiences & Activities

Section 4: Leadership

Section 5: Community Service

Section 6: Non 4-H Experiences

Section 7: 3 Month Project Narrative Report

Section 8: Photographs

This project must fit into one of the following categories:
  • Public relations and awareness
  • Fund raising
  • County teen development
  • County recruitment
Selected Ambassador finalists will be notified. Documentation of this project will be required during the interview. Interview instructions will be sent to all State Ambassador finalists.
State Ambassador Dates
  • October: 4-H Ambassador leadership training
  • December: State Ambassador applications due December 1st
  • January: State Ambassador three month project begins
  • March: State Ambassador three month project ends
  • April: State Ambassador interviews
  • May: Mandatory training for newly selected State Ambassadors



Ambassador Interview Resources

Interview - Judging Sheet

Icebreaker/Leadership Workshop - Judging Sheet

Prepared Speech - Judging Sheet - Video Example 1 - Video Example 2

Impromptu - Judging Sheet - Video Example

Illustrated Talk - Judging Sheet - Video Example 1 - Video Example 2