Utah 4-H Robotics

Utah 4-H Robotics

Utah 4-H Robotics ProgramProgram Description

Are you looking to explore the world of robots? The 4-H robotics program is one of the new and exciting 4-H experiences for youth that provides hands-on experiences in designing, programming and building robots using Lego MindStorms Robotics kits (RCX Version) and RoboLab software.  Utah State University Extension 4-H offers robotics training for clubs and also conducts robotics camps in various locations around the state. 


Click on the links below to find out more about these wonderful resources available for your clubs and activities.

  • Camps and Competitions  – Notes and Tips on the programs used by 4-H
  • Lego MindStorm Team Challenge Kits and the Mobile Computer Lab – Find out about these great resources that are available for checkout through your county office.
  • Movies – Video clips from Summer Robotics Camp and the Circuit Riders 4-H Club of Salt Lake County 
  • Robotics "Camp on a Disk"– A great resource for clubs looking to have their own robotics camp activities
  • Robot Building Instructions – Step by step instructions for building several robots and attachments
  • RoboLab Instructions – User Documentation, Reference Guide, and Tips
  • RoboLab Tutorial – A must-have tutorial for clubs learning to use the RoboLab program.
  • Sample Robot Programs – RoboLab programs from Salt Lake County Leaders and Parents Workshop

Utah 4-H RoboticsUseful Links

The resource materials found on this website have been taken from the 4-H Robotics Club Quick-Start Guide for RCX & RoboLab CD made by the Circuit Riders (4-H Robotics Club of Salt Lake County).  A special thanks to them for making this resource available and for their support to Utah 4-H Robotics.

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