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4-H Afterschool

What is 4-H Afterschool?

“4-H Afterschool is designed to further increase staff capacity to develop and implement effective programs and to work in partnership with other youth-serving organizations. These efforts will ultimately increase the quality and quantity of Afterschool programs in America’s communities.”
[Ferrari et al., 2003 Draft, 4-H Afterschool, pg. 5]

4-H Afterschool Brochure

The JumpStart Annual Conference was held October 12-13, 2012 at Thanksgiving Point.  The JumpStart Conference is provided by Afterschool Utah Association and Utah Afterschool NetworkJumpStart is Utah's premiere afterschool professionals conference with two days of training designed for staff and administrators, share fair and vendor fair, keynote speaker, and networking opportunities. 

4-H Afterschool Youth Enrollment Form:  English   Spanish

Strengthening America’s Afterschool Programs

The aim of 4-H Afterschool is to increase young people’s opportunities to have fun while developing lifelong skills through experiential learning in safe, healthy, enriching environments.

Offering ‘learn-by-doing’ curricula that cover an impressive array of topics- from leadership development to citizenship skills to aerospace and computers- 4-H Afterschool is a vital source of ready-to-use programming for youth. These proven, research-based curricula set 4-H Afterschool Programs apart and can help young people achieve social, emotional, physical, and academic success.   

4-H Afterschool provides opportunities for youth to participate in 4-H projects and clubs during an afterschool program at schools or local community centers. Many schools offer 4-H clubs and project activities in a safe afterschool environment through their existing afterschool program. For schools that do not have an existing afterschool program, they may offer school space for a 4-H club meeting either once/week or once/month.

To find out more information about afterschool programs in your area, talk to the teachers and principal at your school to see what is available. Your county extension office would also be happy to help answer questions that you may have about enrolling students or volunteering to help with 4-H Afterschool.

The first annual 4-H National Youth Science Day was October 8, 2008.  4-H National Youth Science Day is a national media event designed to highlight the significant role that 4-H, CES and the Land-Grant universities are playing in science education.

The event, led by the National  4-H SET Task Force features a simple, fun and media-ready science experiment that can be performed all across the country by 4-H members, educators and the general public. The experiment has an environmental, “green” theme and is easy to perform in any venue.


A SORC, After School Online Resource Center is a virtual library designed specifically to meet the needs of persons working in after school programs.  A SORC: is a searchable database of activity ideas and lesson plans.  A SORC is a hub where after school personnel can submit, review, and publish ideas and activity plans.  A SORC contains a list of kits available to check out from the state 4-H office, links, and access to useful information, forms, and surveys for after school programs. 

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