4-H Mentoring YFP

4-H Mentoring: Youth and Families with Promise Mission 

The mission of 4-H Mentoring: Youth and Families with Promise is to increase the developmental assets of youth, ages 10-14, and their families. This is accomplished by utilizing the following culturally appropriate, youth development strategies:

One –To – One and Group Mentoring

Volunteer mentors work directly with youth to build academic and social skills. One - to - one and group mentoring allows youth the opportunity to spend time with a caring adult while focusing on activities that interests both the adult volunteer and youth. Academic achievements improve by mentors assisting youth with homework assignments and study skills.

4-H Activities

4-H activities and club participation serves to enhance social competencies through leadership, community service, and group projects. The 4-H club provides an opportunity for youth to participate in their community and receive a sense of belonging and acceptance among their peers. 4-H involvement provides mastery in leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

Family Night Out

Once a month, families, mentors, and youth participating in the 4-H Mentoring YFP program come together for an enjoyable “ Family Night out” activity. Activities are designed to foster family bonds through experiential learning activities where youth and family members spend quality time together in a fun, safe learning environment.

Program Goals

Short-term Goals

  • Improve academic performance
  • Enhance social competencies
  • Strengthen family bonds

Long-term Goals

  • Increase developmental assets
  • Decrease juvenile delinquency 

Staff and Mentor Resources