Leadermete - Volunteer Leader Conference

    Connect, discover, network, share ideas and energize your 4-H experience through workshops and classes designed to help Utah 4-H volunteers!

    Leadermete 2018: Step into a Prehistoric Adventure!

    April 12-14 Uintah/Duchesne Counties

    Registration for Leadermete is now open!
    How to make a Contact Profile in 4-H Online 
    Click here for Video Tutorial

    Step-by-step instructions

    1. Select "I need to set up a profile"
      1. Fill in the requested information and click "continue"
      2. Helpful hint: Use a personal email address when setting up your family profile. Do not use your usu.edu email that is associated with your 4-H County Manager profile. 
    2. Member List Screen. Here you can enroll as a Contact in 4HOnline.
      1. Under "Add a New Family Member" select "Contact"
      2. Then press the add button and fill in the requested information and click "continue"
      3. Click "continue" again on the "Add a Group" page. 
    3. At the bottom of the page locate "Register a Member in an Event
      1. Select your name and the event "2017 4-H Leadermete
      2. Registration options will then be displayed


    Register through 4-H Online