4-H Teens Reaching Youth

What is TRY?
TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth. It is the newest leadership program sponsored by Utah 4-H. You do not have to be enrolled in 4-H to get involved. We are currently recruiting TRY Teams throughout the state. A team is made up of 2-4 teens and their adult coach.  The Utah 4-H TRY Program is open to Utah Teens, grades 8th-12th.  Here is your chance to get trained on exciting new projects, mentor younger kids, build your portfolio, all while having a blast! 

Example of the TRY Impact
The TRY delivery model incorporates all three 4-H Mission Mandates. The focus of our work will be to encourage healthy lifestyles in both the teens and the children they teach. The science mission mandate is addressed through the training and teaching about food science, gardening and video production lastly as this program is a service learning program for the teens who volunteer their service. With the three 4-H Mission Mandates combined, this program will engage youth in the Revolution of Responsibility to make themselves and their community a better place.

Enjoy these awesome benefits:

  • Great resume experience for work, scholarship, and college applications!
  • Gain experience teaching others.
  • Make friends!
  • Awards and recognition for you and the youth you teach.
  • Be adored by the younger kids you teach!

Each team commits to teach at least 6 hours of instruction in the project area to at least 15 younger youth sometime during the year. Your team chooses…

  • Who you teach
  • Where you teach
  • When you teach  (either all 6 hours at once, such as a day camp, or for an hour or two at a time for a few weeks)

Getting started in TRY is easy. Talk to a couple of your teen friends to organize a team. Then select a coach your team feels comfortable working with, which is often a team member’s parent. Each member of the team and their coach submits an application by the deadline listed for your tract. 

Upcoming TRY Opportunities

Financial Literacy - Coming Soon!
Read more at Fidelity.com and the Wall Street Journal


Thanksgiving Point is an Official 4-H TRY Team Partner
with Utah State University Cooperative Extension/4-H Youth Programs.

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